Computer troubleshooting (PC and Mac), Virus Removal / System Cleaning,
Training Classes (in home and at ICC) for Tablets, Phones, Laptops and PCs.



I will MATCH (and exceed) Geek Squad's service ~
And BEAT their price!!
Computer Support does NOT have to cost
an Arm & a Leg!

My passion is helping people
with 35+ years of experience
and skills.

I believe in honesty, reliability, and a quality affordable service.

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classes at ICC

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Metamora, Germantown Hills, East Peoria, Washington, Washburn, Roanoke,

Peoria, Morton, Goodfield, Bloomington ...

          - Printer not printing? ... Call me.

          - Not connecting to the Internet? ... Call me.

          - Want to get started on the Internet but not sure where to start? .... Call me!

          - Want to add "Wi-Fi" to you house and not sure where to start? ... Call me!

          - Computer acting funny, or running really slow? ........DEFINITELY CALL ME!!!

          - Need internet lessons? Spreadsheet lessons? .... Call me!

          - Want a web page? I can make or teach you how ! ... Call me!
Don't see your problem? .... Call me!!

      Fully committed to providing you with:
      - a better understanding of your computer

      - the importance of virus protection
      - how to use it on a day-to-day basis
      - how to use the Internet, E-mail, Facebook, finding recipes, health information,

      or just have fun playing games.

      I can offer you a relaxed learning environment while you learn what YOU want to know, on YOUR computer.


      What qualifies as ... "Computer Support"? Anything involving your computer may fall under that category.
      Fix & repair ...help in understanding it ...training you in a certain program (Excel, Word, Graphics, ...) ...upgrading to a newer version ...cleaning or preventing viruses...

      All sorts of things qualify under Computer Support. Take a look at the list at the bottom, and if you're concern isn't listed there, call me anyway. I can probably help.

      Why are other people's rates so high on computer support calls?The overhead! Most places have a lot of overhead they have to cover by raising their rates. Things like office rent, lights, gas, employees, supplies, etc... I keep my rates low by not having an office.

      Do I have to bring my computer to you?

      No! I come to YOU. That is the whole idea behind HouseCall support; making it easy on YOU!

      Why make housecalls?There are many people who just don't want to be bothered disconnecting their computers or printers to then take them somewhere to be fixed, wait a week to get it back and then have to pick it up, take it home and reconnect All Those Wires!!! eeekkk ... so, to eliminate that headache... I make housecalls!

      What kind of experience do I have?Over 25 years experience ...teaching computer skills to people, cleaning off viruses, making business cards, creating flyers for businesses, merging Christmas Card lists, writing billing applications, building (and re-building) computers, making cables, installing networks, installing wifi, installing and re-installing printers, troubleshooting problems, writing computer applications, creating step-by-step instructions and technical manuals, installing servers, setting up internet and email accounts for new users, and so much more it doesn't all fit here!

      Call me.... Ask me!

      Ask about "senior rates" !!


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