Computer troubleshooting (PC and Mac), Virus Removal / System Cleaning,
Training Classes (in home and at ICC) for Tablets, Phones, Laptops and PCs.


I will MATCH Geek Squad's service ~ And BEAT their price!!



There are many services I can offer you, the items below are just a few of the more popular requests.
If there is something specific you are wondering about, please call and let's talk about it.

Custom on-site classes are available! Email for details.

Connect a new printer to your computer
Add a printer to your network
Printer has stopped working
Replace ink or toner in a printer
Recommend a new printer
Laptops / Desktops:
Troubleshoot a sluggish laptop
Clean malware or viruses
Install virus protection software
Setup new email accounts
Connect it to the internet
Recommend new laptop
Home Networks:
Install wireless routers
Setting up firewalls
Enable wireless devices
Connect it to the network
Create dedicated scan folders
Teach scanning procedures
Computer Basics
Internet Basics
Searching / researching on the internet
Online selling (eBay/Craigslist)
Adding new email accounts
Creating web pages
Web Pages:
Create web page for person or business
Maintain existing web pages
Obtain Domain names
Maintain DNS
Not on the list? Call me! I may have just missed putting it on.

Ask about "senior discounts" !!


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